Office / Reception

Digital Signage

We provide a fantastic array of digital screens, digital signage and digital displays.  These will give your reception area a really slick and professional look.  You can also use this as an effective form of communication to display the very latest information from your school.  Of course, these screens can go anywhere, they don’t need to be limited to the Reception, they could go in the Assembly Hall, Sports Hall or Theatre – to suggest a few.


Don’t pay over the odds on a new website when we can build you one AND give you full content control.  We have heard so many horror stories from our schools, some who have spent fortunes on a new website, with not entirely positive results.  Not only did the website not end up looking like they’d envisaged, they also had to rely on a 3rd party to make any updates – at an ADDITIONAL cost, obviously!

So …. We decided to offer it ourselves.  I mean … c’mon …. in this day and age this isn’t rocket science and if it helps our schools out then we are all for it.

What Do You Get?

The design and build of a fully functioning website

  • Full administrative control
  • Hosting and Domain Name
  • On-site training
  • Remote support

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