IT Suite


Whether your school requires laptops, PC’s, tablets, servers, or a combination of, we can provide a wide range of the very latest solutions.  Our approach offers the seamless integration of hardware and software solutions for your school.  There will be no ‘one-size-fits-all’ attitude, we will work closely with you to meet your individual requirements.

PLUS, all IDN products have the option to come with a comprehensive 3 year on-site next business day warranty.


So, all your IT equipment is on order, now you need to plan the room – eek!  Just when you thought you had done the hard bit!  Why not take the stress out of it and get us in to sort it out.  We can work with you to incorporate the ‘look and feel’ you want along with the practical application of the technology.  Plus, if we’re organising it all there won’t be any wasted time waiting for cabling to be done before the builder can chase it all in, or waiting for the electrician before you can schedule the decorator in etc ….. Just leave it all up to us!

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