Over the years, IDN has worked hard with its schools to ensure that they have first class wired and wireless networks, giving them the best possible connectivity for their desktop and laptop computers. As systems have developed, however, this internal network is increasingly being held back by poor broadband links, and by the huge cost in improving these with existing providers.

Whether you are using iPads, Chromebooks, Android Tablets or Office 365, your broadband link is a vital component of the system, and slow broadband means that these solutions can’t be used properly and effectively.

With this in mind we have devoted time to investigating alternative Education ISPs who, along with IDN’s partnership, can support schools with fast, safe and secure broadband connectivity, whilst at the same time keeping costs down.

The service we offer is fully scaleable and provides guaranteed speeds, which enables your internet to grow with the schools’ technological demands.

IDN partners with two leading educational Internet Providers - Exa.Foundation and Schools Broadband - thereby giving schools choice and peace of mind.

This service is totally managed by IDN.  So whether you just want to monitor content, or if there is a fault at the exchange or with the ISP, you only need to make one call – to IDN.  We will handle all of your internet queries ourselves.

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