Hardware as a Service

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It is a constant challenge for schools to have current technology within the budget constraints placed on them.  We have racked our brains to come up with a solution that will ensure that you have the up to date IT you require, but without the large up-front cost.  Enter ….. HaaS (Hardware as a Service).

What is HaaS?

It is essentially a hardware rental agreement, providing you with modern hardware that is fully serviced and supported – regardless of the manufacturer’s warranty.  The agreement term is for 4 years, and you can pay for it in one simple annual payment.  Spreading the cost like this means that it is much easier to plan and budget.  Plus you have the peace of mind that you haven’t had to make a large investment in technology that will be redundant in about 5 years, and will then need replacing … AGAIN! 

So... you might ask ‘what is the difference between HaaS and leasing’?

  • With a lease there is no support included. 
  • If you lease a product and it breaks then that is basically tough!  With HaaS the risk is with IDN as we will fix or replace the hardware.
  • Schools cannot enter into a financial lease, however HaaS is deemed an ‘operational cost’ so payment can be spread.
  • After the 4 years you are not stuck with old technology, you can simply enter into a new HaaS agreement and you will receive all new technology.
  • It enables schools to retain a high level of technology continuously for an annual cost.
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