The Challenge

With schools becoming increasingly reliant on computer systems for financial and management data, as well as for teaching, the consequences of data loss can be massively time consuming, disruptive and potentially embarrassing.  Schools have a responsibility to ensure that data is protected and stored off site.

The Solution

With The Remote Backup Service for Schools (RBUSS) you can rest assured that you are meeting your statutory obligations, and will be able to restore your data at the click of a button when you need to.

Being fully automated, there is no need for staff to remember to change tapes and take them off site; ensuring the school’s data is safe and protected.

The Benefits

  • Cost Effective
    • No capital outlay for storage and backup equipment
    • No ongoing maintenance costs.
  • No Manual Backups
  • No Data Security Risk
    • Data is stored off the school site, fully encrypted at source and in transit
    • Data is replicated to a secondary data centre for additional protection
    • Safeguards the confidentiality of school data.
  • Reliable and Fast
    • No slow backups and restores
    • No mechanical breakdowns
    • No data loss from faulty tapes and DVDs.
  • Fast & Easy Data Recovery
    • Instant disaster recovery
    • 24/7 access to data
  • Audit trail.
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